Laravel Haystack provides various configuration options, altering default package behaviour that you may find useful for your application. These can be changed in the config/haystack.php file.

Return All Haystack Data When Finished

When this option is set to true, Laravel Haystack will query all the haystack data rows from the database and include them in the then/finally/catch callbacks as a Laravel collection upon completion of the job processing:

// config/haystack.php

'return_all_haystack_data_when_finished' => true,
use Illuminate\Support\Collection;

$haystack = Haystack::build()
   ->addJob(new RecordPodcast)
   ->then(function (Collection $data) {
       // ...
   ->catch(function (Collection $data) {
       // ...
   ->finally(function (Collection $data) {
       // ...

Process Automatically

This configuration determines whether Laravel Haystack should automatically queue Stackable jobs after each job is processed. If set to false, you will need to manually call $this->nextJob inside your jobs:

// config/haystack.php

'process_automatically' => false,
namespace App\Jobs;
use Sammyjo20\LaravelHaystack\Contracts\StackableJob;
use Sammyjo20\LaravelHaystack\Concerns\Stackable;
class ProcessPodcast implements ShouldQueue, StackableJob
    use Dispatchable, InteractsWithQueue, Queueable, SerializesModels, Stackable;
    public function handle()
        // ...
        // Call the next job in the haystack:
        // Or, with a delay in seconds:
        $this->nextJob($seconds = 15);
        // Or, with a delay using a Carbon instance:

Keep Stale Haystacks for Days

Defines the duration (in days) for which "stale" haystacks are retained. Stale haystacks are those where the controlling job has failed without sending the failure signal to laravel-haystack.

// config/haystack.php

'keep_stale_haystacks_for_days' => 3,

Delete Finished Haystacks

Determines whether Laravel Haystack should automatically delete haystacks after they have finished processing. If set to false, ensure to use the scheduled command to clean up old finished haystacks.

// config/haystack.php

'delete_finished_haystacks' => true,

Keep Finished Haystacks for Days

Specifies the duration (in days) for which finished haystacks will be retained. This is only applicable if delete_finished_haystacks is set to false.

// config/haystack.php

'keep_finished_haystacks_for_days' => 1,

Database Connection

Specifies the database connection used to store haystack jobs. The default value is retrieved from the HAYSTACK_DB_CONNECTION environment variable, falling back to the default database connection specified in your Laravel configuration (DB_CONNECTION).

// config/haystack.php

'db_connection' => env(
    env('DB_CONNECTION', 'mysql')

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